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How To Upgrade an Android TV Box to Kodi 17.4 Krypton

Kodi is formerly known as XBMC which is the open and free source media player software application which was developed by the Foundation of XBMC. It is therefore, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi Android TV Box is also available for various different operating systems and hardware platforms with a software of some user interface which is used for televisions and remote controls which allows the users to play and view one of the most streaming media such as videos, podcasts, videos, and many videos from the internet and all common digital media files as well which will be found in network and local storage media of the Android TV Box for Kodi 17.4 Krypton.

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Kodi is therefore, a multi-platform home theater personal computer application through which there is highly customizable and have a different features with the variety of skins can change its appearance and therefore, there are various plug-ins are allowed the users to access the streaming media content through online services like Crackle, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Instant Video, YouTube and few more. Therefore, the latest versions had personal video recorder which helps in receiving of the live televisions with a guide of the electronic program and digital video recorder support which is of high definition.

Information of Android TV box Kodi

Application Name: Kodi App

Developer Information: XBMC

Operating System: Windows Vista, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, TVs, and Free BSD

Availability: 75 (more) languages

License: GNU GPL

Application Type: smart TV platform, digital video recorder, digital media player, and media player software.

Thus, that is all about the Kodi app which helps the users to get the overview of the things that are required before downloading it on your systems. That was the general features of the Kodi app now, have a look at the other latest versions which helps in downloading them without having any difficulty. Kodi 17.4 has officially been released on 1st February and the users who want to download the updated application can download it by visiting the official website of Kodi and therefore install it o an Android TV box Kodi as an upgraded and install the application for the first time on Android TV Box.

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How to Update Kodi on Android Box

Thus there are few things that have to be known before upgrading it on the Kodi Android TV Box. As there are many different Kodi boxes are available with the different hardware and firmware with various different units that are available for some boxes and therefore have a firmware setting that might block the installation process of downloading the application. Now, have a look at the different things that have to be known before starting the process of downloading the application in Android TV box:

Install Kodi on Android

Firstly, the important thing is to have a look at whether it has a hard or soft reset because most of the boxes already have various different types of factory default settings. Whereas, some of them do not have it but it is an important thing to know. So, if something went wrong, the user will know the reason.

Best Android Box for Kodi

Usually, Kodi app supports the page recommendations by updating it from Jarvis 16 and the older installations in order to update Jarvis. It is also very important to do a proper installations are possible but that might be erased all the settings.

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Android Box Kodi

Before installing the application on the android box, it is very important to have Android 5.0 Lollipop and other higher versions otherwise this application will not be installed in your devices.

Kodi 17.4 Krypton download for Android TV Box

There are few basic requirements that are being required for installing the Kodi 17.4 Krypton in Android TV Box. Kodi support team does not exactly give the requirements of its hardware since it continuously being updated. Let’s have a look at the requirements that are useful in downloading Kodi 17.4 Krypton, below are the requirements:

  • It is very difficult for the user to generalize the requirements of Kodi hardware for distribution of Linux based operating systems on ARM based embedded systems.
  • There must be a large amount of space available in the RAM.
  • There must be a unit 2GB of RAM with a new S905 or S912 box.
  • Make sure that your Android box has 5.0 or higher android versions.
  • The Android version box would be found in Settings.

How to Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on Android

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There are few steps of installing Kodi 17.4 Krypton on Android TV Box which help the users to download and install the application in their devices.

Step 1

  • Firstly, the user needs to download the Kodi 17.4 APK ARM file from the Google Play Store or from the official website of Kodi.
  • The small and the easiest process is downloading it from Google Play Store.
  • If the user is using the Koid download page then, the page that is used is ARM file to download on their devices with many options like 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Mostly ARMV7A version which is 32 BIT is used in downloading the application in the boxes.
  • If there is any doubt, then the user needs to simply download and try both the things as the wrong file will not install and later or sooner give an error at some or other point.
  • The ARM file would also be copied to the SD card or the Flash Drive with the system and later it will be taken to the Android box.

Step 2

  • If the user is using the Play Store then, the setup will be automatically set.
  • The Kodi download page is used to open the browser file which is inside the application.
  • The user will find it in the download folder in File Manager.
  • By clicking on the file, the installation process will begin.
  • If the user is upgrading the application from the older version, then the settings usually keep add-ons but there will be no guarantee for that.
  • There is few recommendation for upgrading Kodi support page which is only for the older version of Kodi 16 Jarvis.
  • If the user has a much older version than Kodi 14 or 15, then they need to upgrade to Jarvis which is necessary for keeping all the settings.
  • The user needs to clean the installation by deleting the old install and simply installing the newest version of Kodi i.e. Kodi 17.4.
  • A clean install will need the setup for add-ons again but, rather than this, it is the best method among all the other methods.

Step 3

  • After installing Kodi 17.4 version, it will be ready to run.
  • In case, if the add-ons get erased, then take the help of the internet which will guide the user to perform well in that regard and will tell the whole process to install the application.

Thus, by following the above steps, the user will easily able to download and install the new Kodi 17.4 in their Android Box.

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Errors and Problems to setup Kodi on android

It is possible to get the errors and the problems in the process of installation. So in order to avoid or understand them, Let’s have a look at the below points which help the user in overcoming from that.

  • If the user will download the wrong file, then, at the time of installation, the user will see an error “Kodi Not Installed” which is usually because of the system that will only run on the 32 bit and 64-bit file.
  • The files will not harm anything in the system and simply give an error in installing the application in the device. Which is generally happened in case of using the other ARM file.
  • The another common problem is that the error will come on the screen that there is a problem in parsing this package which is the general error which will be caused by some things i.e. mainly, the user must have the knowledge that the app will be install from unknown sources will be ON.
  • The unknown sources will be located in the settings under security option.
  • Therefore, some of the Kodi Android box would like to give a parsing error in case of the developer option will be set to an option of Off.

However, these are the few points which have to be remembered by the user at the time of installation of the application in their devices.





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